Motueka Recreation Centre, Old Wharf Road, Moteuka

Phone: 03 528 8648.

General Enquiries Email: info@statecinemamotueka.co.nz

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Adults 2D $15.00, $17.00 after 5pm; 3D $15.50, $17.50 after 5pm 
Seniors (65+) 2D $14.00; 3D $14.50
Children (Pre-School) 2D $5.00 & 3D $5.00 (with glasses)
Children (5 to 15) 2D $11.00; 3D $12.50 
Students (16 to 21) 2D $14.00, $14.50 after 5pm; 3D $14.50, $15.50 after 5pm (Not available Friday & Saturday after 5pm. ID Required) 

DISCOUNT TUESDAYS 2D : $14;00 3D $15.50 - + Glasses $2.50; ALL DAY FOR ADULTS AND STUDENTS (Excludes Statutory Holidays) 

Note: For all 3D sessions $2.50 glasses hire will be added to the 3D ticket price. (Glasses are to be returned after use for cleaning)


Right of Refusal of Entry Policy

If a ticket holder arrives after the advertised start time, we may exercise the right to refuse entry, and we will give a full refund based on the circumstances. If a patron is intoxicated or obnoxious, rowdy and abusive, they will not be admitted. We have the right to ask a person to leave the auditorium if they are disruptive to others and do not follow house rules.